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J&M sunglasses

Sometimes I wish I could remember the story behind a picture. As I was searching for a photograph of my toddler daughter and her grandfather for my July 1 post, I came across this picture of my children from about that same year.

The photo made me laugh, and I decided it deserved its own post. But I have no memory of what inspired the pose.

When my daughter was organizing the pictures of her childhood, we labeled this roll of film “Summer 1988.”

My son was going through a Beach Boys and Beatles stage that year. He could lip sync every song from both groups. (He probably still can.)

But in this picture, he looks more like Elvis. I don’t recall him having an Elvis fixation.

My daughter tagged along on everything her big brother did. But she seems more impressed with her new sunglasses than with showing a ’tude like he does. I remember them having these sunglasses, but I have no idea where the bonnet came from.

Beyond these measly recollections, I can’t tell you the story behind the picture.

So just enjoy the photo, as I do. And make up your own story for what these kids were doing.

Do you have pictures whose stories you have forgotten?

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