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A writing and blogging friend, Linda Joyce, has nominated this blog for the “One Lovely Blog Award” – I am honored. One more reason to be grateful as this month of gratitude draws to a close.

Nominees for this award are required to:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated them, which I most heartily do. (Check out Linda Joyce’s blog here.)

2.  Post the One Lovely Blog emblem on their blog.  Done.

3.  List seven random facts about themselvesHere goes:

    • I was born nine months and ten days after my parents were married, so I could never think that I was adopted.
    • I only went to kindergarten for three weeks. The teacher learned I could read, and bumped me up to first grade. A decade later, I couldn’t get my driver’s license for a year after all my classmates.
    • The only sport I was ever any good at was waterskiing (and I had only modest ability at that). I think my success was due to weighing the same all through high school, so I didn’t have to re-learn my center of gravity each summer.
    • I have seen five U.S. presidents in person – John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush. But they were all from a distance; I was part of a crowd of thousands (or hundreds, in the case of Reagan and Bush).
    • My husband and I could not agree on a name for our first-born for three days after his birth. Although our son’s name was a compromise, the final decision was much better than my husband’s choices.
    • I can purl, but I cannot knit. At least that was the situation forty years ago. Maybe I should try knitting again.
    • Our last two dogs – Lexington and Saratoga – were named after aircraft carriers. Read more about the acquisition and naming of these pets in “Meeting of the Minds” in my Family Recipe anthology.

Follow this blog, and you’ll learn many more random facts about me.

4.  Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award, and let them know of their nomination. 

And the nominees are (I never thought I’d hear myself say that . . . it feels like the Academy Awards):

    • Alzheimer’s Speaks – This blog is dedicated to providing easy access to services, tools, concepts and products to help patients and caregivers dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.
    • Beth’s Everything Blog – An electic blog about “everything.” I may not agree with all of Beth Lyon Barnett’s opinions, but I respect her thoughtful approach to each issue she tackles.
    • Bucket List Publications – Bucket List Publications portrays the possibilities of the bucket list seeker. It is mostly about travel, and features wonderful photographs from amazing places.
    • Crazie Town – Teresa Vratil writes about family. Her crazy family. But isn’t every family crazy in some respect? Her stories remind me of my own family.
    • Fighting the KC Boredom – A blog featuring the writing of a young Kansas City author, Jessica Conoley, including excerpts from her novel.
    • Kristin Lamb’s Blog – Kristin Lamb is an author, freelance editor, and speaker, who blogs about writing and social media. She has an excellent series underway on the structure of a novel.
    • Map of Time: A Trip into the Past – A blog by a history buff, J. G. Burdette, who writes about various historical subjects, mainly focusing on U.S. history, and often nautical in nature. I stumbled upon this blog when I had to describe a storm at sea in one of my novels.
    • Nail Your Novel – Roz Morris is an author, editor, ghostwriter, and book doctor. She blogs on writing and publishing, including self-publishing. Another award-winning blog in the writing community.
    • Oregon Heritage Exchange – I found this blog because of my interest in Oregon Trail history. The blog is part of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, and supports the preservation, interpretation and sharing of Oregon’s heritage.
    • Spiritual Crossroads – Janet Sunderland writes about her spiritual journey, which she calls “post-denominational.” A thoughtful and beautiful blog.
    • The Artist’s Road – Patrick Ross writes about creativity, writing, and his return to an art-committed life.  Nominated for several top writing blog awards.
    • The Passive Voice – A lawyer, David Vandagriff blogs about writing, the publishing industry, and book contracts. An intelligent and insightful blog for writers to follow.
    • Write Brain Trust – Write Brain Trust is a newcomer in the blogging world. This group of writers focuses on creativity, publishing, and marketing in a digital world. I am a member of the group, so this nomination is a bit of shameless promotion.

And there you have it – my electic group of nominees, some well-known, some just emerging. I urge you to take a look at all of them.

My nominees are listed in alphabetical order by blog name. Also, I have limited my selections to blogs with regular posts – I follow several other very good blogs with only occasional posts. I also selected blogs that focus on topics similar to what I blog about. I had to make choices, which was very hard.

Many thanks again to Linda Joyce for nominating my blog.